Товары ЭлектроникаШЛЗ → /РАСПРОДАЖА/ Лямбда зонд широкополосный X-Series LSU 4.9 AEM 30-0300
Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Производитель: AEM
Артикул: 30-0300
Наличие: в наличии
Цена: 19362р | 260$     16011р | 215$
Описание товара:

Новейшая модель ШЛЗ X-Series AEM 30-0300

Широкополосный лямбда зонд AEM отслеживает соотношение воздух/топливо. 


  • X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Controller Gauge were fastest responding wideband air/fuel ratio controllers in an independent test vs. 17 competitor wideband AFR controllers

  • Includes Bosch 4.9LSU wideband UEGO sensor

  • Factory calibrated resistor does not require free-air calibration, but technology allows for free-air calibration as sensor ages if user desires

  • Compatible with vehicle/system voltages up to 16V

  • 0-5V & RS232 output for data logging and feedback control, AEMnet (CANbus) for data logging and daisy-chaining multiple controllers up to 16 cylinders

  • Can display AFR values in hundredths of %

  • 52mm gauge diameter and slim 0.825” gauge depth

  • Gauge cup depth only .200” deep!

  • Auto dimming feature

  • User configurable display via buttons on the gauge face for changing AFR values, Lambda and O2%, and 3- or 4-digit display

  • Black bezel and black dual faced faceplate included (gauge only, silver bezel/white gauge option sold separately, PN 30-0300-ACC)

  • Locking connectors

Инструкции: http://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-0300%20X-Series%20Wideband%20UEGO%20AFR%20Sensor%20Gauge.pdf

Описание производителя AEM:

Designed by Racers, for Racers
At AEM, we live and breathe motorsports. In fact, it’s this involvement in both professional and amateur racing that gives us the inspiration for the products that we design and produce. Many of our key staff in engineering, sales, marketing and tech support participate in some form of racing. We compete in Off-Road Racing, Road Racing, Bonneville, Drag, Drift, Bikes…if it has wheels we are either competing in the sport or have a very deep involvement in it. From this involvement we gain information to create and improve our products.

Цена: 16011 р. (215$)
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