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Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Горячая Часть:
Производитель: Borg Warner
Артикул: S300SX-E 6468 13009097008
Наличие: под заказ
Цена: 65736р | 880$     56772р | 760$ Без учета доставки.
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Описание товара:

Новинка 2016 !


Турбина Borg Warner S300SX-E 6468 13009097008



These turbochargers feature the latest in Forged Milled Wheel Technology, new high performance compressor housings with optimized aerodynamics, shaft speed sensor mounting provisions, and dual fit compressor outlet flanges. These exciting new releases cover a wide range of horsepower requirements with the 9180 S300SX-E touching 900+HP capability! BorgWarner AirWerks® S300SX-E super cores deliver up to a 3 percent increase in compressor efficiency and up to 25 percent more flow within the same frame size.  

In the S300SX-E family we have 61.44, 62.99, 64.47, 66.11 and 69mm compressor wheel options, all come standard with the latest 73mm exducer turbine wheel. These units all come standard with BorgWarner's 360° thrust bearing for increased durability when used high pressure ratio applications. These turbochargers are available as a supercore assembly to drop into your existing S300SX turbine housing, or with a variety of T3, T4 or V-Band inlet configurations.  

  • 360 degree thrust bearing 
  • Integrated speed sensor port
  • Forged milled compressor wheel
  • Flexible compressor cover outlet options
  • Pre-machined boost port
  • Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics

Not included with turbo assembles:

  • Speed sensor
  • Turbine outlet v-band 
  • Turbine inlet gasket 
  • Oil drain gasket or drain port fitting

Описание производителя Borg Warner:


BorgWarner является признанным лидером в области передовых технологий автомобилестроения.

Цена: 56772 р. (760$)
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