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Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Производитель: Innovate
Артикул: 3831
Наличие: в наличии
Цена: 33900р     19775р
Описание товара:

WiFi транслятор от Innvoate


Возможность подключения датчиков серии Innovate MTX и трансялция показаний на ваш

iPhone / iPad.


OBDII Сканер с трансляцией всех параметров на iPhone / iPad.


Функция Даталогера с записью всех параметров.


Измеряет ускорение автомобиля, предпологаемую мощность двигателя, рассчитывает экономичность.



Сделано в США.



Приложение LogWorks для iOS ->


Полное описание от производителя ->



The Innovate Motorsports OT-2 ODB-II WiFi Interface provides a link between any late-model cars or trucks and an Apple TM iPhone TM or iPod Touch TM. The OpenTune interface allows high-quality data display, logging, and analysis from any vehicle made since 1996, and integrates with Innovate air/fuel meters and other modular tuning components. The LogWorks Mobile TM software, available from the Apple TM online app store, is a full-function performance meter, even without the option OT-2 OBD-II interface.

Car computers these days are connected to hundreds of sophisticated sensors. The OT-2 allows you to “open” any car’s computer, and directly see what these sensors are measuring. Users can select multiple channels from hundreds of available parameters, and log the data up to 12 times per second. Users can also record many conditions, states, and codes as “status” channels, and reset check engine lights and other trouble codes.



  • OBD-II interface for any late model car- ISO 15765 (CAN), J1850 (Ford, GM), ISO 9141, and ISO 14230 (kwp2000)
  • Wi-Fi communication from OT-2 Interface to Apple TM iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Compatible with all Innovate MTS (Modular Tuning System) devices, including LC-1 “Lambda Cable” Air/Fuel Ratio sensor controller, LM-2 Air/Fuel Ratio meter with analog inputs, TC-4 4-channel thermocouple interface, and more.
  • LogWorks Mobile TM software (a FREE application available on the Apple app store) features the following functionality:
  • Performance Meter – 0-60 acceleration, HP calculation, Acceleration G’s, Timer (1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, and more.)
  • Efficiency Meter - Interactive efficiency calculator (MPG, GPM, and AES) Advanced Diagnostics – Record and analyze critical vehicle parameters. Read and clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). OT-2 required. Performance and Efficiency functions work without OT-2, however data quality and accuracy is dramatically better when utilizing the OT-2.



Since many top tuners already use Innovate tools, the OT-2 allows users to email a log file to their tuner if they develop a problem or have a question. In conjunction with the powerful LogWorks software, tuners can also collaborate with other tuners by exchanging log files to get help with tuning challenges.

Описание производителя Innovate:


Innovate Motorsports develops, markets, manufactures, and supports universal digital tuning tools for internal combustion engines. The company’s core technologies are patent-pending digital circuits that improve greatly on current, mostly analog, designs. The company's product lines includes wideband air/fuel ratio meters, sensors, gauges, data acquisition systems, and software.

Цена: 19775 р.
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