Товары МаслоФильтры масла → Фильтр масла с магнитом MAG POWER II 1JZ / 2JZ Power Enterprise OF-05A [φ75-85(H)・3/4-16UNF] 2JZGTE Toyota Supra JZA80
Марка авто: Toyota
Модель авто: Supra JZA80
Двигатель: 2JZGTE
Совместимость: 1JZGTE / 2JZGTE
Производитель: Power Enterprise
Артикул: OF-05A [φ75-85(H)・3/4-16UNF]
Наличие: в наличии
Цена: 4176р | 55$     3037р | 40$
Описание товара:

Фильтр масла с магнитом Power Enterprise MAG POWER II OF-05A [φ75-85(H)・3/4-16UNF] 1JZGTE/2JZGTE


Supra JZA80 S1
Supra MKIII - JZA70
Cresta - JZX90
Chaser - JZX90
Mark II S2 - JZX100
Cresta - JZX100
Chaser - JZX100
Mark II S1 - JZX100
Supra JZA80-S2
Soarer - 2.5GT-T S1 - JZZ30
Soarer - 2.5GT-T S2 - JZZ30
Mark II - JZX90
Altezza - SXE10
Aristo - JZS147
Aristo - JZS161
Chaser - JZX81
Cresta - JZX81
Mark II - JZX81
Supra MKIII - MA70
Mark II - JZX110
Supra JZA80 NA
★ FEATURE 1 : Newly developed filter paper technology dramatically screens out a particle of dust.
Newly developed 15μ media, incomparable to stock one (30μ), provide exceptional filtering efficiency.
This new filter paper keeps its shape as it is reinforced 1.5 times and realizes lower pressure loss.

★ FEATURE 2 : Mesh lath insertion improves oil circulation.
The outer mesh lath supplies equal oil flow. The mesh lath core instead of conventional punched core improves oil flow and helps to lower pressure loss.

★ FEATURE 3 : Big magnet powerfully attracts microscophic metal particles.
Small metallic dust is surprisingly trapped by stronger magnetic force (flux density : 3.000 gauss, adsorption power : 2.4kg).
Neodymium magnet excellent in heat resistance demonstrates high magnetic force between -20℃ and +140℃. Micro-abrasive metallic contaminants
can be trapped by the “center mount magnet” system.

★ FEATURER 4 : Reinforced relief valve and gasket.
Reinforced relief valve prevents overflow of dirty, sticky oil with sludge and metallic dust even at cold start. The silicone leak strap rubber holds
oil inside to prevent any oil leakage. The bottom of Mag PowerⅡ is seamed with nitrile rubber gasket excellent in heat resistance.  

Описание производителя Power Enterprise:


Японская компания, изготавливает комплектующие высочайшего качества.

Цена: 3037 р. (40$)
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