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Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Производитель: AEM
Артикул: 21-202DK
Наличие: в наличии
Цена: 8192р | 110$     6703р | 90$
Описание товара:

AEM 21-202DK 70мм X 130мм 


Oil-Free Filtration
AEM Dryflow™ air filters do not use oil so there is no chance of over-oiling your filter which takes the guesswork out of servicing.

Easy to Clean
The Dryflow™ filter uses environmentally friendly, mild, all-purpose cleaner. Simple cleaning instructions. Under extremely dusty/dirty conditions, Dryflow™ filters can be knocked a few times to remove excess dirt off of the filter pleats. Dryflow™ filter media is so durable that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings and also resists water absorption.

Warranty-Safe Filtration
Dryflow™ air filters will not void your warranty.
Sheds Dirt Under Vibration
AEM’s unique non-woven filter media does not require oil to filter and trap dirt and contaminants, and as a result an open air filter actually sheds dirt under engine vibration, unlike cotton-gauze which holds on to contaminants until you clean the filter.

Durable AEM Universal Clamp-on Air Filters

AEM Universal Clamp-on air filters come in two basic types. Our standard Dryflow™ air filter has screen wire for rigid structural strength. These filters have a red colored oil-free filtering media. Our other clamp-on filter is our Brute Force Dryflow™ air filter. It is a durable filter that is a favorite in rough, dusty racing conditions. These filters have a gray colored filtering media. They are very durable and not as rigid.

AEM standard Dry-Flow air filter
Brute Force Dryflow™ filter media bounces back to original shape

The Brute Force Dryflow™ media is tough. There is no risk of filter damage during shipping, installation or cleaning. These Dryflow™ filters will retain their shape and performance even after the most severe abuse. That is why winning race teams continue to choose the AEM Brute Force Dryflow™ air filter.

Strength from the Inside Out*
We reinforce round Brute Force Dryflow™ filter elements with a lightweight mineral-reinforced plastic cage that maintains the element’s structural integrity and eliminates the chance of the filter collapsing from flow demands, while also reducing the filter’s overall weight.

Go to the AEM Dryflow™ Universal Air Filter page to see our complete line of unversal air filters.

* Note: Dryflow™ Panel Filters are supported by co-pleated aluminum wire mesh.

Air Flow Capabilities
Every Dryflow™ air filter is engineered to exceed the normal flow capacities of the engine it is required for when clean. For example, a typical naturally aspirated 2.0L engine requires 253 CFM of flow. The filter we manufacture for a 2.0L Acura RSX Type-S (21-204DK) delivers up to 565 CFM of flow when clean. You get great flow with Dryflow™, in addition to outstanding filtration and excellent dust holding capacity.

Diesel engines require massive air flow. AEM has responded with a filter that dramatically exceeds that requirement without compromising filtering efficiency. For example, the AEM BFS-HD (PN 21-9221D) for the 2007 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel exceeds the stock induction air flow by 84% when clean.

Описание производителя AEM:

Designed by Racers, for Racers
At AEM, we live and breathe motorsports. In fact, it’s this involvement in both professional and amateur racing that gives us the inspiration for the products that we design and produce. Many of our key staff in engineering, sales, marketing and tech support participate in some form of racing. We compete in Off-Road Racing, Road Racing, Bonneville, Drag, Drift, Bikes…if it has wheels we are either competing in the sport or have a very deep involvement in it. From this involvement we gain information to create and improve our products.

Цена: 6703 р. (90$)
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