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Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Производитель: Innovate
Артикул: 3844
Наличие: в наличии
Цена: 17005р | 265$     12770р | 199$
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Новый ШЛЗ MTX-L 3844 Innovate Motorsports


Встроенный Direct Digital ™ широкополосный контроллер, для установки не требуется LC-1. Более быстрые и надежные , чем большинство UEGO датчиков, работают по запатентованной технологии ™ DirectDigital.

Водонепроницаемый корпус, возможность смены лицевых панелей, 2 аналоговых выхода,cовместимы со всеми видами топлива.



The new Innovate Motorsports Digital MTX Series Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge utilizes the only 100% digital Wideband air/fuel ratio technology on the market! The patented DirectDigital™ technology we use is faster and more accurate than common “UEGO” gauges and is now more affordable! In addition, the gauge features a water resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, and 2 fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with aftermarket engine managements systems and dataloggers!


• The only 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology! 
• Water Resistant 52mm (2 1/16”) round dash-mountable casing is perfect for automotive, powersports, marine, and demanding racing applications 
• Built-in Direct Digital™ Wideband Controller reduces wiring and simplifies installation (No LC-1 required)
• Wideband O2 Sensor is compatible with all fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, Methanol, E85, etc) 
• Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for increased accuracy 
• (2) 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with engine management systems “closed-loop” and external dataloggers 
• Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included 
• Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle style gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display 
• Datalog using LogWorks on your PC 
• Serial IN and OUT ports allows for easy


MTX-L: Complete All-In-One Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit. Includes: Gauge, Silver Bezel, Black Bezel, White Faceplate, Black Faceplate, Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor (LSU4.2), 8 Ft. Sensor Cable (Overall length 10 ft.), Exhaust Bung, Program Cable (Only needed for Datalogging and to change the Fuel Type Setting), Software CD, and Quick Start Guide

Описание производителя Innovate:


Innovate Motorsports develops, markets, manufactures, and supports universal digital tuning tools for internal combustion engines. The company’s core technologies are patent-pending digital circuits that improve greatly on current, mostly analog, designs. The company's product lines includes wideband air/fuel ratio meters, sensors, gauges, data acquisition systems, and software.

Цена: 12770 р. (199$)
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