Товары ТрансмиссияМаховики → Маховик облегченный XACT Prolite ACT 600520 MZR Mazda MPS
Марка авто: Mazda
Модель авто: MPS
Двигатель: MZR
Производитель: ACT
Артикул: 600520
Наличие: под заказ
Цена: 37615р | 500$     26707р | 355$ Без учета доставки.
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Описание товара:

Маховик облегченный ACT XACT Prolite Flywheel 600520 MazdaSpeed 3 2007-2009

Вес 7.3 кг

Устанавливается вместе с корзиной и диском сцеплпения ACT.


Маховики ACT легкие , прочные и безопасные. Максимальная прочность, устойчивость к экстреальным температурам. Цельная конструкция.


  • Quicker acceleration and increased throttle response
  • Maximum gear life- gear will not wear out or fall off
  • Serviceable- can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts 
  • Chrome-moly forgings three times more rigid than aluminum 
  • Longer lasting because of heat treated friction surfaces 
  • Excellent heat capacity from retaining adequate material behind the friction surface 
  • Trouble-free single piece design 
  • SFI certified to insure safety 
  1. ACT Flywheels are lighter, stronger and safer than stock cast flywheels to meet the needs of both enthusiast and hard core racer. 
  2. Materials is properly distributed for maximum strength, lower inertia, good heat tolerance and rigidity.
  3. One piece construction allows less opportunity for failure and provides uniform efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc. No more warped inserts or loose ring gears.
  4. Integral ring gear permits more weight reduction where it matters most and eliminates the chance of gear breakage or separation from the flywheel.
  5. Precision machined threads will not easily strip out or get damaged like those found on aluminum flywheels.
  6. ACT engineers XACT flywheels using the latest CAD and FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) software to evaluate all design alternatives to get the best results possible.
  7. By hot forging chromo-moly steel, each flywheel yields and ultra fine centralized grain structure that is superior in strength to any other manufacturing method.  
  8. Timing marks are precisely located and clearly displayed (when applicable). 
  9. ACT gives extra effort to strategically slot XACT Prolite flywheels to lower inertia without sacrificing strength and head dissipation.
  10. ACT heat treats the entire forging for strength and toughness, and induction hardens their ring gears for longest gear life.
  11. XACT Flywheels are certified as meeting SFI specification 1.1 XACT flywheels are legal for competition in all racing organizations where SFI certification is required.
  12. Ring gears cut with lead-in chamfers for better starter engagement and prevention against rounding off gear teeth. 
  13. Engineers at ACT demand tight tolerances for fit, concentricity and parallelism so that flywheels will have an exact fit onto the crankshaft, and operate smoothly even at extremely high rpm.
  14. All Flywheels are CNC machined and dynamically computer balanced for super smooth high RPM reliability.

Описание производителя ACT:


Усиленные комплекты сцепления от американских мастеров Advanced Clutch Technology.

Цена: 26707 р. (355$)
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