Товары ДвигательШкивы → Шкив коленвала с дампером ATI 918471 Honda
Марка авто: Honda
Модель авто: любая
Совместимость: B16, B17, B18A1, B18B1, B18C1, B18C5, B20
Производитель: ATI
Артикул: 918471
Наличие: под заказ
Цена: 47068р | 620$     29608р | 390$ Без учета доставки.
Для расчета полной стоимости с прямой доставкой ЕМС на ваш адрес добавьте товар в корзину. Средний срок 2-3 недели.
Описание товара:


Шкив с дампером предотвращает продольные вибрации коленвала. 


These dampers are designed to help dampen torsional crankshaft vibrations and will help with the longevity of your race motor. These are mainly beneficial to engines built to rev past the recommended rev limit. Factory OEM dampers are two piece units and are prone to "splitting" apart. In addition, OEM dampers are hardly efficient past 8000 rpms.

For those looking to make power with these units, look elsewhere as these dampers were not designed nor intended for this. In fact, you may LOSE some Horsepower due to the larger overall diamter and increased weight over the factory unit. However, think of this a small insurance on that fully built $5K plus engine. The main difference in cost for this damper vs. competitors (fluidampr) is the fact that ATI builds a custom hub and timing gear to better transfer the vibration into the damper. This is a much improved design over just bolting on a damper to the stock timing gear.

The patented ATI Super Damper is the only damper designed exclusively for high performance engines:
- Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
- Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
- Laser engraved timing marks
- Black zinc chromate finish

ATI’s 7” and 6.325” race versions are built with all-out power in mind. You won’t find drives for A/C and power steering here. The alternator drive is built into the hub with laser engraved 360° timing marks on outer damper shell.

Part number: 918471 (7.074" O.D. Steel Damper)

More information on the benefits of these harmonic dampers can be found by using the following links:


Описание производителя ATI:


Американская компания, известная своими трансмиссиями и шкивами с дампером.

Цена: 29608 р. (390$)
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