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Марка авто: любая
Модель авто: любая
Двигатель: любой
Производитель: NOS
Артикул: 07005NOS
Наличие: под заказ
Цена: 50491р | 665$     32649р | 430$ Без учета доставки.
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Описание товара:

Набор закиси азота NOS 07005NOS SNIPER KIT 4/6 CYL EFI


You've asked for it, now NOS has it NOS is pleased to announce its new 4, 6 and 8 cylinder Universal Sniper Wet EFI Nitrous kits. A great complement to NOS's cutting-edge Nitrous kits, the Universal Sniper EFI kits are great for the budget minded builder that want the power Nitrous is famous for. And, since it's made by NOS, the Sniper kits benefit from the experience of a proven Nitrous company that our customers demand.

Each kit comes with all components necessary for a simple installation.

"Wet" type kits are offered for most turbocharged and supercharged applications due to the increased air velocity and extra heat from the forced induction.

Exclusive NOS "Soft-Plume" Fogger nozzle finely atomizes the fuel for superior nitrous and fuel distribution.
Steel Bottle Brackets.
Stainless steel braided line.
Orange Sniper 10lb Bottle.
Industry-leading instruction manual gets you out of the garage and stalking the streets in the least amount of time!
35-50-75-100-125 horsepower jetting--mild to insane power.

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Цена: 32649 р. (430$)
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