Товары ПодвескаАммортизаторы → Амортизаторы регулируемые V3 KW 35256010 Toyota Supra JZA80
Марка авто: Toyota
Модель авто: Supra JZA80
Производитель: KW
Артикул: 35256010
Наличие: под заказ
Цена: 189791р | 2500$     151833р | 2000$ Без учета доставки.
Для расчета полной стоимости с прямой доставкой ЕМС на ваш адрес добавьте товар в корзину. Средний срок 2-3 недели.
Описание товара:

Лучшая подвеска для Supra JZA80. 
Имеет регулировку на сжатие, отбой и высоту. 
Уникальный дизайн позволяет использовать автомобиль в городе и на треке. 

Жесткость пружин 
Перед: 685 lb/in 
Зад: 515 lb/in 

Комплект без верхних опор. 

3 Way Adjustability - Only Coilover Available to Offer This! 

High Speed Compression (Bump): Affects high velocity impacts from apex curbing, bumps on the track, bumps on the street, etc. Keeps the tires on the ground so they generate grip and maintains a compliant and stable ride. 

Low Speed Compression (Bump): Affects body roll and weight transfer when cornering, accelerating, and braking. 

Rebound: Affects body roll through the damping/slowing of the inside shock from uncompressing. Also affects low speed weight transfer - cornering, accelerating, braking, etc. 

KW Coilovers are found as original equipment on the world record holder for the infamous Nurburgring: The Dodge Viper ACR 

Helper Spring - When you lower your Supra you will not be affecting your ride comfort nor the handling. This feature is found on only a few coilovers (including HKS and K-Sport) 

Extremely Comfortable - Many coilover companies make you believe you have to have harsh / stiff (extremely uncomfortable / bouncy) coilovers on your car to make it handle well. This is 100% absolutely false, and a result of cheap engineering! With proper engineering, such as found in all KW coilovers, you can easily have both comfort and world class handling. These coilovers are the most comfortable available for the Supra.

Описание производителя KW:


For many years, the KW automotive GmbH is the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its customers the largest suspension programme world-wide. The entire assortment – from springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions “inox line” in three damping versions – such a variety of products is unsurpassed on the market.

Цена: 151833 р. (2000$)
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